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C60 products play active roles in triggering weight loss

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While most health practitioners believe the key to unlocking a lasting treatment for weight loss lies in dieting, and change in lifestyle, recent research and experiments with natural products such as plant-based secondary metabolites and C60 molecules have shown a greater promise.

The ability of these molecules to interact with body cells has come in handy in assisting people to loose weight healthily and naturally.

Offering a solution to the challenges of obesity. Combining C60 molecules and dieting is one of the best ways to improve the level of healthy weight loss for those struggling with weight loss.

Join the Thousands who are already losing up to 1lb per day!
Join the Thousands who are already losing up to 1lb per day!
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How do C60 products serve as a remedy for weight loss?

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It Reduces symptoms of metabolic syndromes

Metabolic syndromes are a cluster of symptoms related to diet. These symptoms include high cholesterol, excess body fat around the waist and vital organs, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. All these arise due to poor eating habits which can be corrected with C60 related products. C60 increases the rate of the body's metabolism by interacting with the mitochondria and sliding through cells to prevent the build-up of fats.

Research suggest that fullerenes might be considered as a potential medicine for the treatment of metabolic syndrome or other obesity-related disorders.

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It has a high antioxidant activity

Free radicals moving around the body tend to accumulate in cells thereby increasing their pH to abnormal levels which may send danger signals to the brain. To prevent the vital body organs, the brain increases the rate of fat accumulation around these vital organs thus leading to the individual becoming overweight. At the time of writing this report. When administered, it moves into the body cells and neutralizes the action of the free radical thus keeping the body pH at physiological values. This ultimately leads to the shedding off of weight by increasing the rate of lipid and fat metabolism.

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It interacts with the mitochondria

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell where respiration takes place. They control the activity of the neurons by triggering or restricting their actions. These neurons send messages to the brain and control the rate of metabolism. It stores the excess fat which is later converted into glucose for energy when the body is fasting, and these fats can become a lethal weapon during obesity. Using C60 oil activates the activity of the mitochondria thus, increasing the overall rate of body metabolism, to breakdown fats.


Heavenly Natural products Offers C60 in MCT Thermogenic Oil

There are MANY benefits that come from consuming C60 in MCT Coconut Oil:

Increased Weight Loss- Studies in animals and humans show that MCTs increase the body's ability to burn fat and calories more efficiently, which in turn promotes weight loss.

Improved Brain Function- One major study found that daily consumption of MCTs improved learning, memory and brain processing in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.

Enhanced Exercise Performance- MCTs are thought to increase energy levels during high-intensity exercise and serve as an alternative energy source, sparing glycogen stores.  Because of this, many elite athletes and body builders include MCT oil as part of their daily supplement regimen. C60 (also called Fullerene) is a molecule that resembles a soccer ball. It is a molecule in the shape of a spherical ball, made of sixty carbon atoms, hence the name C60. It is found in nature, typically in soot or other carbon-based ash in very small amounts.


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